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Bag & Accessories



A Collection created for women

looking for something special

to add to their daily looks.

Handcrafted in Rome

by high qualified craftsmen.



Accessories make everything better,

 they complete your look, easy to wear adding style to your wrist.

Style to wear on the wrist.

 “A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories”.

Oscar de la Renta



Handcrafted leather bags,
Made in Rome
by high qualified craftsmen.
If you are looking for something special to add to your look,
start with your bag.


​​​We believe handcraft was born to connect people looking for quality handmade goods straight to the craftsmen who create them.

​Handcraft supports time-honored skills.  When you invest in local artisans, you help to preserve a craft passed down for many generations. ​​Handcrafted bags are unique, Bags that define your uniqueness are often timeless.

Finishing a white leather ostrich print bag.
Pattern cutting, work in progress.
Lab work, best quality handcraft.
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